Las Vegas Strip, Live Broadcast, Live Webcast of the Las Vegas Strip, Live Video on the Vegas Strip, VegasStrip.TV is a Live Reality Show Webcast from Las Vegas Blvd!
Broadcast LIVE from the World Famous Vegas Strip!
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Live Webcast Reality Show in Las Vegas on the World Famous Las Vegas Strip!

Live Las Vegas Reality Show on the World Famous Las Vegas Strip - Watch it Live!
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Cast Network describes Vegas Strip TV as "A Reality Show on Steroids", LiveVegas.TV says "Vegas Strip TV is the Advertiser's Answered Prayer" and Vegas Strip TV says "We Have The First Live Mobile Broadcast Show on the Planet, Featuring Show Hosts that Double as Human Billboards! ".

Vegas Strip TV is a Reality Show that places attractive and fun loving Show Hosts smack dab in the middle of the World Famous Las Vegas Strip. Show Hosts wear a video display publicizing the show's sponsors' logos/brands and products. (*New Show 2 will Feature the Vegas Strip TV Show Host Flaunting Professionally Applied Body Paint Art and Logos.) The Show Host's  Video Displays are specialized computer systems that allow Sponsor's Brands to be Seen by Both a "Physical Audience" (On Location Audience) and their "Virtual Audience" (Online Audience. This futuristic reality show has the attention of Pedestrians, Online Viewers and Sponsors alike. The online viewer is able to watch the LIVE Action via a Video Player located on the front page of VegasStrip.TV or any one of the Live Vegas TV Network Affiliate Websites. The Vegas Strip TV Video Player is Embeddable and may be added to Any Website! What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas; or Maybe Not! The show hosts chat with the Las Vegas patrons and with a mix of excitement, alcohol based libations and the electric charge of Sin City. Each show takes on it's own Crazy and Unique Form. Unscripted and as REAL as it Gets, Vegas Strip TV reveals what Television Can Never Get Away With!




Viewers of the Vegas Strip TV Reality Show agree that People watching has never been so fun and interesting. You get to Stare without being There and accompany the hosts on ever changing journeys with each show. This reality show is a safari for fun and it's good hunting on Vegas Strip TV.

Visitors to the Vegas Strip can look for themselves and viewers of Vegas Strip TV can see friends and family members on archived shows. Anyone can paste the embeddable video player for individual live or archived shows into any website.

Vegas Strip TV is Broadcast Live and is the only Live Interactive Show of it's kind!

VegasStrip.TV, in coordination with LiveVegas.TV,, LiveBroadcast.TV and HumanBillboard.TV now offer the most unique and technologically superior form of Advertising and Broadcasting available.

Benefits of Show Sponsorship:

Sponsors of Vegas Strip TV enjoy the fact that their advertising that is displayed on the show hosts' video monitors are visible to any pedestrian in eye shot of the host. To add icing, sprinkles and a cherry on top sponsors revel in the awesome statistics that prove that over 3 Million visitors bombard Las Vegas every month. Their Brand, by way of  video display, is worn by a brand ambassador/Host. The Host is outgoing, energetic and outfitted in a flashy costume that requires everyone to look. The Sponsor's company is mentioned repeatedly during the course of the show's live broadcast. Sponsors receive banner advertising on the show's website and on Live Vegas TV Network Affiliate Websites. Sponsor also receive a Full Year of advertising along with the shows Video Archival for video-on-demand. Sponsors, and/or anyone that wishes to, may post the live video broadcast and/or the video-on-demand of each show on their website of choice with a simple html embed code.


Benefits of VegasStrip.TV's Coordinated Affiliates: - A CDN (Content Delivery Network) Service that Provides High Definition Video Streaming, Video Syndication / Distribution of Live Video Broadcasts via Cast Network and its Affiliate Websites.

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SinCityNetwork - A Local Las Vegas Network Featuring multitude of Las Vegas Websites that double as Hybrid Internet TV Channels. All associated Channels are dedicated to Live Webcast / Live Broadcast and Mobile broadcasting formats.

HumanBillboard.TV - Creative Advertising and Marketing Web Portal Specializing in Human Mobile Advertising Featuring Video Display Units worn by Brand Ambassadors and Body Painted Models Artistically Presenting Logos. Human Billboards are an Immersive, Creative and Personal Way of Marketing Products and Services.

Whether you're a Viewer or a Sponsor of the Vegas Strip TV Reality Show we know you're going to LOVE IT!

Vegas Strip TV has created an opportunity to participate with the sharpest cutting edge advertising and broadcasting has to offer. In this day and age of technical savvy, social networking, advancements in bandwidth technologies and the worldwide participation and growth of the Internet, advertising and marketing capabilities have rocketed past even the most forward thinking business' wildest dreams. Businesses now advertise on social networking Mega Sites such as Facebook.comę and Twitter.comę and video advertising is now common place. VegasStrip.TV is now taking it to a whole new level with a monopoly in Advertising and Broadcasting via Live Mobile Broadcast Video. We here at Vegas Strip TV encourage you to continue to advertise via Facebook.comę and paste the embed code for your sponsored Live Broadcast into your Facebook.comę profile. Allow your friends to experience what it's like to transport themselves and join the wild partiers on the World Famous Las Vegas Strip and enjoy the Live Virtual Interaction. Furthermore, we invite you to paste the same Live Broadcast into your own website or any other website you have permission to do so.


Take a Little Test

1. A very attractive Las Vegas Show Girl with a Huge Ostrich Plume Headdress approaches you on the Vegas Strip dressed in less than one square foot of glitzy glamorous attire would you:

a. Look Away

b. Glance for a Moment

c. Stare at Her

d. Ask for a Photo with Her

e. both c. and d.

2. As the Las Vegas Showgirl approaches, you notice that she is toting a video monitor that is strapped just below her breasts with a video playing along with a logo would you:

a. Try to see what the video was about.

b. Think to yourself that this was an inventive form of advertising

c. Tell others of this encounter

d. Say Hello to Her

e. All of the Above

3. If you overheard the Las Vegas Show Girl Say "I'm the Star of a Live Reality Show called VegasStrip.TV and I'm currently Broadcasting to massive number of Websites"  would you:

a. Smile and wave to the Camera

b. Scream "Vegas Baby!"

c. Think That's Awesome.

d. Find out if you could see yourself on an archived show.

e. All of the above.

Every answer in this simple questionnaire is proof that the Roving Video is performing for the sponsoring advertiser, except 1. a. Look Away but if you selected 1. a., You Already Got an Eyeful and We've Never Seen Anyone Look Away.)

Its Freezing Cold, Bundled in Jackets and Our Hosts Still Demand Attention from the Partying Vegas Strip Patrons!

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